Hey! Um so not really a question but more for you Lennon i just wanted to say thank you for running an awesome blog with awesome notes and just for being an awesome person yourself. You don't have to post this or anything just know that you make a lot of people happy and you are an amazing person :)

I am a bad admin who has been gone for far too long. Yet again.

for the admin; do you have any fic recs? Just pjo fic recs, I don't care the pairing or whatever. I'm just having trouble finding well written ones. Maybe I'm too picky...

*coughs and casually whores self out*

I write fics. wink wonk

But actually, I run a blog called Lennon’s Library where I recommend fics and books and stuff. So you could check there. Most of my favourite PJO fics are there already. ^^

If any of y’all have fics they want to rec to the world, please submit them to that blog so we can spread the love.

Everyone’s favourite human being, Jason Grace, ladies and gents

Upcoming Giveaway

Hey all you lovely people.

I think I’m talking a lot today, but I promise I’ll get back to the normal routine as soon as I’ve posted this. 

I’ve started collecting things for a Fall Giveaway! To celebrate the release of the new book, when it comes out, I’ll be doing a giveaway for all my lovely followers.

This post is simply a way for me to know the kinds of things you guys might want to see available. 

So reply to this with Percy Jackson related things I could give you! Things like merch, specific artists prints, things like that. Suggest away?

Hey y'all! Your admin here! I just thought I would write a little note for you. I went back and looked at the notes on some of my unpopular opinions that I've posted on this blog and can I just say, you are all the most amazingly nice and accepting people I have ever had the pleasure of being around. Really. Thank you all for your amazing acceptance to my weirdness and my laziness. You're all awesome and I hope to one day be able to repay you in some way. Love y'all!