So would you mind if she (annabeth) died in the next book?

Honestly? Not really. I mean, I don’t want her to die, but if any one of the main characters have to die I would be the least upset if it was her. Though if she does die, I’m going to cry a butt load cause Percy’s gonna be sad.

Admins, why don't you like Annabeth?

Oh god. Run for it Lennon, it’s not worth it. 

I just… Her character is……. Really………………. Boring.

I’m sorry??? She just never really interested me. She was fine in the first book, like hey yeah whatever that seemed fine. But then she… never changed. For 4 more books.

And then she gets with Percy (which was bulLSHIT) and she’s suddenly usELESS? No, I’m sorry, what the fuck woman? Sure she’s still smart, but really? I had this same problem with Clary from the TMI series. YOU ARE FUCKING USELESS WOMAN STOP PINING FOR THIS BOY BEFORE I SMACK YOU WITH YOUR OWN BRAIN

I’m not saying she’s a bad character. I’m just saying I got bored with her after book one. Because she has zero character development. She is literally just the token smart chick. She is only there to hand the answer to things to Percy on a silver platter so that when they’re not together we have to see Percy ‘struggling’ to find the answer because Annabeth isn’t there when he’s just as smart as her, thanks. He’s actually smarter than her when it comes to quick thinking and getting out of the stupid situations he gets himself into.

The only time I actually actively liked reading about her was in Mark of Athena when she goes off on her own. Literally that is all. Because that is the kind of character I want to see. Doing things for herself and getting shit done. Girl power. Be smart for a reason other than just to help Percy. You go girl.

And then she goes back to Percy and I suddenly hate her character again. Yay.

I’m sorry, I just really can’t get behind her. Sure, the books would be kinda… bare without her, but she is the only character I literally have no interest in hearing about. 

We don’t talk about that friend.

(Also I am absolutely terrified for the casting in the next movie if it happens)

((I don’t like how they portrayed… anyone. The only two characters who were remotely in character were Percy and Luke. And that is purely because of the actors ability to work through the horrendous script writing))

(((Logan and Jake are perf)))

Frank: Why are you awesome? Hazel: Why are you so cute and perfect for Frank? Lennon: Why are you so fab?

Look who rose from the dead?